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10 Ways to Make a Small Bathroom Feel More Spacious!

Ways to Make a Small Bathroom Feel More Spacious

10 Ways to Make a Small Bathroom Feel More Spacious!

If you’re not aware yet, bathrooms are usually the smallest rooms in any home. The average bathroom takes up just 65 –107 sq. ft in size in total. It’s a room that needs some strategic planning to get all the elements in place.

In the event that your bathroom falls on the smaller side of the scale, then you’ll probably be familiar with the feeling of being restricted and confined! It’s good to learn that it doesn’t need to “feel” that way. You can make your bathroom feel airy and spacious without spending a lot of your hard-earned money. There’s nothing flimsy about it, just a little bit of smart thinking and clever design.

Here are our top 10 tips to make your bathroom seem larger.

1.Work with white or light neutral colors.

Do you realize that having too many colors that are contrasting, particularly dark shades, could make your bathroom appear smaller and feel cramped? The darker shades are more likely to absorb light and artificial light, while brighter colors reflect it. The more light in the room, the more open and airy it will appear.

We also suggest painting your ceiling in a lighter, more warm color than the walls. Why? It creates an illusion of height, which can open your tiny bathroom even more. It’s all about psychology!

2. Choose Large-Format Tiles

Large-format tiles (tiles that are greater than 60 cm by 60 cm) can make your bathroom appear bigger than it actually is. First of all, there will be no grout lines, meaning that the floors and walls will appear smoother and less cluttered and restrictive. In addition, the larger size makes your room appear more spacious. It is possible to use one huge tile slab to completely cover a wall, completely removing all grout lines.

A bonus is that big format tiles can make your once-stuffy for your bathroom feel like a posh spa!

3. Use the same tile on the floor and the walls.

Get rid of the distinction between your walls and floor by using the same tiles for both surfaces. This will give the impression of a more harmonious appearance and will, you’ve guessed it, make your bathroom appear larger, particularly in the event that the tile is laid in a straightforward manner. Make sure to select simple tiles instead of those with a lot of patterns, as patterns can cause a space to look more busy. You’ll also cut down on time. Let’s be honest, selecting just one tile isn’t fast enough!

4. Select a glass shower screen.

Inspire your bathroom to remodel tub into the 21st century with an unframed glass shower screen. Transparent glass can open the space of your bathroom, reducing visual barriers. This is in contrast to old-fashioned shower screens made of textured glass that are framed with heavy frames. Shower use screens that are frameless to let sunlight into the shower space, which is an added benefit.

5. Choose a Floating Vanity

A stylish vanity with storage is essential for bathrooms today, especially in bathrooms that are on the small side and require an effective storage solution. An elongated cabinet (a vanity that does not extend all the way towards the flooring) will open up the bathroom space by opening the floor space, which allows more light and airflow through.

6. The Importance Of Natural Light

We talked about natural light several times, so you’re probably aware that it’s a must. There aren’t many bathrooms that have access to natural light. However, if you have it, then show it off! The more windows you have, the more natural light you have, as it can create an airy feel and a sense of space inside small rooms like no other can. If your bathroom has the potential for a skylight in the ceiling and you have the funds to build it, now is the time to get it done!

7. Take Advantage of Mirrors

Do you know how mirror splashbacks create the illusion of more space in kitchens? Mirrors work in exactly the same way in the bathroom shower. Be careful with the mirror you choose. Large mirrors are perfect for bathrooms that are small. Mirrors with backlights are ideal for bathrooms that have little sunlight. If you’re fortunate enough to be renovating your bathroom with windows that are decent and mirrors, put them directly against the window. The radiant natural light will reflect off the mirror and flood the bathroom.

8. Select a Compact Bath and Vanity

If the bathroom’s small vanity and bath are making your space feel cramped, give them a turn and start over (if you’re able). If you think the bathroom isn’t necessary and you don’t want it, you can remove the entire thing and design the bathtub shower with a walk-in. not sure? Look for the smallest bath, or perhaps a Japanese soak tub If you’re someone who is prone to thinking outside the box, pick your vanity with care While double vanity units are trendy, a smaller single vanity is an ideal choice for bathrooms with small spaces.

9. Use Smart Storage to Reduce Clutter

Cluttered bathrooms are a major source of stress for every bathroom owner with a small space It’s crucial to consider bathroom storage solutions if you wish to boost your home’s value. Think about under-vanity storage cabinets and mirrored wall cabinets that are recessed into the wall; ladders for towels; carefully placed shelves; and even decorative ladders for shelving, which can provide additional storage above the toilet. Always be imaginative and enhance the look of your home while also providing storage options too. Closed storage is great for items that are messy (make-up bottles, tubes, bottles, medications, and so on), and things that are frequently used and look good are displayed with open storage alternatives.

10. Shower and bath niches should be included

Shampoo and conditioner bottles, soaps, and scrubs are essentials for bathrooms, but they’re ugly. Bathtub and Shower caddies don’t look attractive and add visual clutter to your bathroom. If you have some spare cash in your wallet, you can add your shower and bath niches to your renovation checklist. Sure, they’ll require some effort to put in; however, it will lead to more efficient usage of space as well as innovative, convenient storage options to store all the essentials.


Size doesn’t matter as much as color and pattern in the case of a bathroom. If the condition of your bathroom is good and you follow our advice above, you’ll be fine. For more designing and remodeling ideas for small bathrooms, feel free to contact us, our knowledgeable team will be glad to help.

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