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Bathroom Shower: Hot or Cold Bath?

Bathroom Shower: Hot or Cold Bath?

There has been a lot of argument when it comes to which is best, a hot or cold bath? Technically, taking a cold bath during summer is so refreshing and on the other hand, taking a hot or warm bath makes you relax and sweat during cold days. But not everyone knows the effects of these and the wonders it gives to our bodies! So we, at the Shower Company decided to share these 3 healthy and fun facts about taking a hot or cold bath.

Hot Bathroom Shower

It’s inarguable that taking a hot bath is always as relaxing as it is,  it creates a feeling of ease especially after a long day of work. A hot bathroom shower will help you:

  • Fall asleep faster
  • Hydrates your skin
  • Breathing symptoms are alleviated

You fall asleep faster

A stressed body is relaxed when it enters a heated bathroom shower because the hot water raises body temperature. Muscle relaxation calms us mentally as much as physiologically.

Hydrates your skin

A warm bathroom shower keeps the skin moist for a longer period of time and keeps it from drying out and developing the little cracks that frequently develop when it is dry.

Breathing symptoms are alleviated

Yes! You read it right, it’s been known for a long time that standing in a hot bathroom shower with the steam around you might lessen cold and cough symptoms. The warmth from the steam and the water can reduce phlegm, loosen your nasal passageways, and stretches your lungs too!

Cold Bathroom Shower

There is some shock when that cold bath hits your body. This is the perfect choice to give those resting energy to burst out! What it does to your body?:

  • Takes in more oxygen
  • Enhance willpower
  • Higher level of alertness

Takes in oxygen

Circulation on the surface of your body is restricted by the cold water as it strikes your body. In order to maintain your ideal body temperature, this causes the blood in your deeper tissues to circulate more quickly.

Enhanced willpower

Long periods of exposure to the cold bathroom shower require a strong will, I think everyone would agree to this. You can improve many facets of your daily life by increasing your willpower by introducing a cold bath into your regimen!

Higher level of alertness

The cold encourages you to breathe more deeply, which lowers your body’s CO2 levels and improves your ability to focus. Thus, taking a cold bathroom shower helps you stay alert and concentrated throughout the day, this sounds like a right way to start your productive day right.

In conclusion, the choice will always be yours! Just like The Shower Company, we will always let you choose what you prefer with how you want your Bathroom make-over done, from Bathroom renovations, Walls, and Bathtubs. You’re choice, we provide!

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