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Tips and Ideas for Bathroom Remodeling

woman facing mirror in the bathroom

Tips and Ideas for Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom remodeling can get out of hand in a hurry especially if you do not set a budget in place beforehand or if you do not do your research (canvassing) prior to starting. The result may not be what you imagined, and it might end up frustrating you more than pleasing you. That’s not something we’d wish for anybody to feel. So, we here at The Shower Co compiled a short list of tips on bathroom remodeling.

Use Cost-Effective Similar Materials

cost effective materials in bathroom remodeling

Some materials are priced less than the others. This is not to say lesser cost products are highly inferior, no. Raw materials, labor, age in stock, all factor into pricing. You can use this to your advantage. While the looks may not be an exact copy of what you had in mind, we’re confident you can find a similar looking material (tile for example) that can get the job done.

Do Not Move Major Plumbing

Keep the toilet and showers situated where they are. The plumbing doesn’t need to be moved if its current location meets your demands. This will save you money and time! Moving drainage and/or water supply quickly increases the price of any remodel.

Do Not Forget About Ventilation

It is easy to be at looking and focus on what beautiful floor, wall and fixtures are to be put in the bathroom. We tend to forget ventilation. All bathrooms need one, either in the form of a properly sized window or a bathroom exhaust fan. When evaluating bathroom fans, consider both their noise levels and their exhaust capacity. A moderately noisy bathroom fan may even be too loud in restrooms due to its compact size.

Add Plants to Bring Life to Your Bathroom Remodeling

Modern bathroom colors can be a bit plain. That’s where plants and other smaller fixtures can bring some much-needed color and life. Adding plants can bring about freshness into an otherwise closed space that is a bathroom. We’re not talking about creating a jungle inside the bathroom though. A plant here and there can bring a bathroom renovation design together better than you’d realize.

Match Room Size with Color

Make sure your bathroom renovation’s color palette stays in the white or light color spectrum to give the illusion that a small bathroom is larger. Also, think about what colors relaxes you. Soaking in the bathtub can be the relaxation experience you need after a long day at work.

Bathroom Lighting Matters

The bathroom is the place where we check on our appearances. Think about installing sconce lighting around the bathroom mirror. However, ultra-bright lights is not always desirable. If you are able to take advantage of natural lighting, do so.

The Shower company understands that bathroom remodeling in Kansas City can be a bit overwhelming. It requires planning, designing, choosing the right materials, and of course budget. Talk to us today to determine your options and what fits your budget.

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