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The Shower Co’s Take on Bathtub Repair


The Shower Co’s Take on Bathtub Repair

Every time you enter the bathtub and notice the same fissure, you worry that something beneath the tub is rotting as a result of the water seeping in. Bathtub cracks do occur but they can be fixed. Let’s go over the fundamental methods for bathtub repair to prevent decay and water damage beneath it.

Why does my bathtub have cracks?

Cracks appear as the surface ages. You can bet that the constant exposure to water is eroding the material of your tub. As a result, you may experience the dreaded cracks. Applying a resin coat on top of the crack is a simple fix. Do this when the tub has not been in use recently and has been dried properly. This is to ensure no water is present on the surfaces as water or other material can get underneath the resin.

Bathtub cracks also happen because there is a lack of support on the tub, a heavy object is placed on top of it, and harsh cleaners.

Fixing bathtub cracks

Local hardware stores usually carry the resin required to fix the bathtub cracks. There are also paints and coatings available to cover the resin. Just be sure the resin color matches the color of your tub exactly so it won’t look like a bad patch-up job. 

How about bathtub refinishing?

We have written about this in our Hazards of Bathtub Refurnishing article. In summary, we do not recommend it due to possible long-term health effects caused by harmful chemicals used in the process. 

There are non-chemical alternatives to bathtub refinishing that you can consider though.

Should you replace your bathtub?

Surface cracks are often just aesthetic problems caused by the passage of time and usage. Unless the water is sipping out of the tub and onto the floor, cracks shouldn’t be too much of a concern. If the crack is wide and deeper and you are worried about it getting worse and you feel as though your bathtub has seen better days, then perhaps it’s time to determine whether a replacement or even a bathroom remodeling is in the cards. 

You can contact us today to schedule a visit and determine the extent of bathtub damage. We have our bathtub experts in Kansas City and Navarre in Florida. We bring the showroom to you as we do in-home design consultations.

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