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Proper Bathtub Repair and Maintenance


Proper Bathtub Repair and Maintenance

The bathtub is often a centerpiece for recuperation inside your bathroom. It can represent a place where you can lay back, soak and wash the stress of the day away. As such, proper care and maintenance are necessary so that you won’t need to do bathtub repairs often in the future. 

Proper Bathtub Installation

The first thing you should consider is the proper installation of the bathtub as an improper installation will almost always cause some issues sooner rather than later. Proper support is important, as well as correct plumbing and sealing. This is controllable if you’re building a house but for those who’ve moved into a house with everything built-in, you have lesser of a choice. For that, you should properly observe your bathtub as you use it and take note of possible issues before contacting your trusted local bathtub repair company. 

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How to maintain a bathtub?

For your bathtub to last longer and avoid having to deal with cracks. You must:

  • Install your bathtub with adequate support so that the extra weight does not flex or strain the material.
  • Avoid using abrasive cleaners such as bleach.
  • Avoid putting anything heavy in your bathtub.

A few general rules to follow when using the bathtub can help rid of a possible cost in bathtub repair. However, if you are faced with issues in plumbing, water sipping in the tub, or out to the floor, it’s still best to consult with a professional. Water leaks, wherever in the house, can be a huge headache if not properly identified and taken care of.

If you’re dealing with a superficial crack on your tub, one that doesn’t appear to cause water leaks, bathtub repair kits are available. 

Bathtub reglazing

Here at The Shower Co, we do not perform nor recommend bathtub refinishing or reglazing for health and safety reasons. Still, there are non-chemical alternatives to bathtub refinishing that you can consider. You can learn more about that by understanding the hazards of bathtub refinishing

The Shower Co has bathtub experts in Kansas City and Navarre in Florida. We bring the showroom to you as we do in-home design consultations. If you require assistance in proper maintenance or repair of your bathtub or are perhaps considering our other bathroom remodeling services, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. 

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