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Five amazing combinations of bathroom tiles

Bathroom tiles

Five amazing combinations of bathroom tiles

Although the times change, it is true that there are some items that never become outdated. Bathroom tiles are among them. They are definitely the most effective way to decorate the walls of your Bathroom!

What’s changed are the shapes, motifs, and colors that are all available in a larger variety now.

If you’re looking to tile the bathroom in your home, then we could be able to help! In this article, we’ll provide you with five-bathroom tile designs to help you get a concept of what you’d like. Continue reading to pick the one you like best!

Gold and black, pure glamour.

Beware of walls that are monochromatic. Today’s trend is the utilization of various shades and textures. In this style, as we can see, a black industrial look is paired with gold and patterned linings to create a stunning and wild look for the chic bathroom.

Brown and white: ideal for those who love square tiles.

In the past, these small square tiles were widely used to add fun to bathtubs. Today, tiles aren’t restricted to the shower area but also the whole bathroom. The range of color combinations for these tiles is limitless. Be sure to experiment by playing with various shades of the identical hue!

In this bathroom, hues of brown have been paired with white shades that fill the entire wall. The room is given an enlightened and clear look and is also a good match with the wood ceiling and floors.

Blue: summer nostalgia

If there’s a color that’s timeless that is appropriate for bathroom decor, it’s blue. Celestial blue as well as blue-gray, marine, indigo, or turquoise are all colors that look like water. They are, therefore, the ideal choice for bathrooms as well as swimming pools.

In this case, we’ve chosen an array of blue tones that bring back the summer memories of when you could relax and swim in your pool anytime.

Beige and red: a separation of space.

Here’s a great example of using tiles to divide spaces in the bathroom. Red is the color used for the shower area, whereas white and light beige are utilized in the rest of the bathroom.

In addition to the stark contrast of color, the architects here have also incorporated different dimensions and textures into the layout, giving bathrooms more variety and exciting elements.

Tones of cold and warmth

Bathroom tiles

In our previous design, in our last proposal, the creamy yellow tones are combined with blue-gray to create an inviting and warm result. The combination of colors here does not adhere to a standard pattern or pattern. Sometimes, it’s best to simply do what you feel.

It is advisable to pick the appropriate color for the walls. Use certain strategies to stop gaps between tiles and to prevent them from breaking since they can be very fragile.

Here at the Shower Co, we provide a wide variety of bathroom wall panels and tiles. Contact our bathroom renovation experts in Kansas City and Navarre. You’re likely to discover the ideal match whether you want a conventional, modern, rustic, or cottage atmosphere.

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