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Ways to make your modern bathroom appear more expensive

Ways to make your modern bathroom appear more expensive

While the bathroom is typically the second highest-cost space to remodel (the kitchen is the most expensive), this does not mean that you require an enormous budget or total remodel to get it to look sleek. If choosing the marble look, claw-foot tubs, and other enticing options isn’t an option right now, take a breath — we’re here to demonstrate how you can still have that ultra-modern bathroom space you’ve been thinking about by adding a few small touches in the right places.

It could appear as if you’ve put your bathroom in the care of an experienced interior designer.

Establish a seating area

From a basic outdoor stool to an ottoman with a cushion, any contemporary bathroom that is top-quality includes a perch. If you want a modern bathroom, opt for stainless steel and sleek, minimalist styles to let your legs free.

Be creative with your containers

Storage is crucial for every space. However, your modern bathroom will score more stylish points if you put your toothbrush, cotton balls, and other items in sleek and matching containers (i.e., glass, stainless steel, or brass) in lieu of the containers you purchased.

Upgrade your bath mat

A worn-out mat can instantly ruin the modern, sleek style you’re looking for. One of the most popular trends at the moment is replacing mats made of terry cloth with Turkish or Persian rugs for a more enthralling impact.

Yes, those gorgeous patterns and vibrant hues aren’t the typical features of the modern-day bathroom. However, they have proved to bring a lot of personality and elegance to bathrooms that are perfect.


An elegant and clean look is one of the best ways to get the most value from your modern bathroom. Therefore, hang a tiny hand-towel ring by the sink in the place where you’ll require one. Install a hook to hang your bathroom robe (maybe just behind your bathroom door). Make sure there’s a convenient rod (bonus points if heated) near the towel rack immediately after showering or bathing.

Use a small amount of brass

Copper and brass have added a lot of design to modern-day and contemporary interiors for the past couple of years. It’s the fact that they’re different from chrome (which can be the least simple finish) that instantly adds greater visual appeal.

And rest easy There’s no need to replace all your faucets. A fresh soap dish or magnifying mirror, or a new container of cotton buds or toothbrush will suffice.

Decorate your walls

Even wallpapers that are specially designed can give your perfect bathroom a modern look. Although it’s not exactly the most expensive alternative on our list, however, if you don’t have the funds for a complete bathroom remodel right now, invest just a few hundred dollars in a few rolls (even in the case of an area for accent walls) for a quick transformation of your full bathroom into something modern and stylish.

Make sure that the wallpaper patterns don’t get too busy. Remember that contemporary design is about looking stylish without being too difficult.

Enhance your lighting

Switching your old, basic fixture to an elegant chandelier or sleek pendants isn’t just an option; it’s essential to have your modern bathroom look elegant and functional. And who doesn’t desire to have that?


You don’t have to spend lots of money or hire bathroom remodeling companies to ensure that your bathroom looks expensive. We’ve got an easy way to make it appear expensive. Just follow these tips for you, and you’ll be good! If you need more design and remodeling ideas for bathrooms that are small, please reach out to us, and our team of experts will be happy to assist.

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