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Basic Bathroom Vanities: Types of Bathroom Vanities

Bathroom Vanities

Basic Bathroom Vanities: Types of Bathroom Vanities

The bathroom you use has probably been the same for many years. Even if you’ve upgraded the sink or changed the color of your walls, the general style hasn’t changed much. Some say the reason is that they don’t know what other styles and options are out there. They purchased their house with only a single wooden sink vanity, and have stuck with the same design. The reality is that bathroom vanities come in a myriad of shapes, dimensions, sizes, and styles. There is a wide range of bathroom vanities available, from simple single basin vanities to double sink modern masterpieces. Here are a few of the most basic bathroom vanity designs.

Bathroom Vanities Made of Wood

Wood vanities come in different wood variations. They are often made from mahogany and oak, while others are made of fewer kinds of wood. Some are painted and do not have the natural look of wood in any way. Each type of wood offers a different design, quality, and value. The mahogany and oak wood bathroom vanities, for instance, are a little more expensive than the majority. However, they have solid construction and aesthetics. If you’re looking for a wooden vanity, ensure you choose one that is in line with your ideal style and fits within your budget for remodeling.

Bathroom Vanities Made of Glass

Glass vanities are generally more modern in style and construction than other bathroom vanities. They are made of durable, high-end glass. Glass bathroom vanities blend glass with other materials like steel or wood to give a stylized design and feel. The most popular style of glass vanity can be found in the wall-mounted vanity that provides your bathroom with an open and spacious feel, as well as provides essential storage and functions. Some glass vanities resemble the typical bathroom vanity and come with cabinets, drawers, and shelving. Bathroom vanities made of glass are found in many high-end hotels and restaurants since they offer a contemporary style and design that is rapidly becoming the fashion preferred.

Contemporary Bathroom Vanities

Contemporary vanities are available with double and single-sink designs and are constructed with various materials. They have a more contemporary design than the other bathroom vanities and usually have distinctive details and designs. Contemporary bathroom vanities are great for the person who is forward-thinking because they have a unique aesthetic and design. The most important thing to consider when incorporating modern bathroom vanities into the bathroom of your choice is to ensure that all fixtures and furniture within your bathroom complement the vanity, rather than work against it.

Antique bathroom vanities

Although they aren’t considered to be antique, modern antique bathroom vanities are influenced by old-fashioned designs and styles. The turn-of-the-century style is very popular among these vanities since they have intricately carved facades and highlights. It is definitely a style that draws the attention of others. Old-fashioned bathroom cabinets are amongst the most elaborate vanities available on the market. They blend exquisite wooden materials and classic designs with modern functions to provide aesthetics and functionality that are unique to anything else.

Vanities for Two Bathrooms

You will find them in the majority of master bathrooms. Double bathroom vanities have two sinks inside one vanity. Double-sink vanities are very popular with couples because they let each person have the sink of their choice. They are available in various designs (including glass, wood, antique, contemporary, and modern), which allows for various general bathroom designs. One thing to bear in mind when it comes to bathrooms with double vanities is the fact that they’re larger than other vanities. Make sure you have enough space to accommodate a double vanity in your bathroom.

When it comes time to pick the bathroom vanity cabinet, you certainly have a choice of designs. From elegant antique bathroom vanities to wood and glass vanities, there’s a style that will complement your bathroom’s decor and give it the boost it deserves.

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