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Stress-free Bathroom Remodeling Process in Kansas City and Navarre, Fl

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Stress-free Bathroom Remodeling Process in Kansas City and Navarre, Fl

The bathroom remodeling process need not be stressful, time-consuming, or headache-inducing. The way to that is by leaving the work in the hands of a trusted company that does bathroom remodeling. However, in order to have that trust, you’d have to have an idea of how and what their process is like right? Here at the Shower Company, our specialists in Kansas City and Navarre, Florida engages in jobs using our “white glove” process. 

What is our “white glove” process and how can it help you? 

The “white glove” process is our company’s way of ensuring proper consultation and subsequent service are of the highest possible standard that we can provide. 

It starts with In-Home Design Consultation. Here at the Shower Company, we try to bring our showroom to your home. Simply put, we don’t impose our will on the job because it’s easier, we do what you want to do with your bathroom. In other words, YOU tell us what you want, we will make suggestions and help YOU design your project. In addition, YOU pick the price! Our price is guaranteed so there won’t be any surprise price increases on installation day.

After that, the Ordering Process is initiated and we will assign you an installation date which is typically set to 4-6 weeks from the date of the order. All of the materials for your project are custom ordered.

Come Installation Day, we will send you a reminder email the day before the day of the installation so you can prepare that bathroom or clear out anything that might be personally important to you. Our bathroom remodeling experts typically arrive between 8 am-9 am. They will come with everything they need to complete your project.

With 25 years of experience specializing in bathroom remodeling, The Shower Company is here to help you create the bathroom of your dreams within any budget. Our design styles range from traditional, transitional, or rustic finishes: all the way through to modern and contemporary. Contact us and experience The Shower Company’s “white glove” remodeling experience.

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