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Bathroom Trends 2021

Bathroom Trends 2021

With every New Year arises the urge for bathroom renovation and this feeling continues to grow when the year is coming to an end. There is no doubt that bathroom design must be refreshed every now and then because it is where all the self-care rituals take place. So when you are planning your bathroom remodeling, get inspired by the following trends as they will help you make your space look luxurious, smart, and a place where you can relax.

Go for Neutrals

2021 is all about neutral tones. Many people are opting for a neutral color palette for their entire home. If your entire home is painted in a neutral color, make sure your bathroom color also compliments it. Go for a neutral texture, tone and depth for your bathroom. Some of the neutral colors that have gained popularity this year include contemporary clay, carbon, traditional mocha and pewter.

Natural Materials

When changing the bathroom design, you can consider adding natural materials as they can bring the vibe of the outdoors into your home. You can incorporate wood features, textured materials, and terracotta accessories to increase the comfort and warmth of the space. Small additions like wooden furniture, indoor plants and baskets can truly change the entire aura of your bathroom.

Make a Statement

Statement decorative pieces have always been popular and have still managed to trend in 2021. Decoration pieces with bold colors and intricate patterns can make your bathroom design stand out. You can add intricate tiles as they go well with both traditional and modern design pieces. A bold statement tile can also make a huge difference.

Modern with Vintage

This year, a majority of people have experimented combining vintage pieces with modern pieces and they loved it. If you are all set for a bathroom renovation and want to create a space that represents your individual style, consider mixing and matching modern with vintage. It will help you bring a living room feel to your bathroom. You can create an eclectic look by mixing vintage wall art with modern basins and showers.

Space-Savvy Soaking Tubs

The pandemic has increased the desire for a more relaxing and calming space, therefore, making soaking tubs a desirable feature. They are not only super comfortable but also look stylish and add a luxurious touch to any bathroom.

Warm Colors and Durable Paint

A fresh coat of durable paint can freshen up the entire bathroom design. The most popular colors of 2021 are warm and vibrant. Regardless of the color you choose, make sure you opt for durable paint that will remain clean for longer.

Forever Green

Attractive green titles, furniture, and ceramic can create a beautiful vibe. As far as softer shades of green are concerned, they can evoke a sense of harmony and calmness, while darker colors provide depth and a link to nature.

Minimalist Mood

Bathrooms are no more filled with clutter and maximalist mess. Clear your stuff and make it simple. The room will feel bigger and visually pleasing.

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