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Bathroom Safety for seniors

Bathroom Safety for seniors

The bathroom is known to be one of the most dangerous places in the house for elderly people. Countless accidents happen in the bathroom causing difficulty for both seniors and their families. As so many slip and falls occur in the bathroom, it is best to take care of safety issues when doing bathroom remodeling.

Little changes in the bathroom design can make it safe and comfortable for everyone. Here are some simple and effective ways that can help improve bathroom safety for seniors.

Install Grab Bars & Shower Safety Handles

As bathrooms cannot be without water, there will be water and slippery surface in any bathroom. Although the right thing to do is remove all the possible conditions that cause the surface to become slippery, this is not always possible in bathtubs and showers. So make sure when you do bathroom renovation to improve safety for seniors, install grab bars, and shower safety handles. They will help elderly people get in and out of showers and bathtubs easily. You can also install grab bars near toilets as they help in sitting and standing.

Install a Walk-in Shower

Replacing a bathtub with a walk-in shower can accommodate seniors well. A walk-in shower allows easy entry and exit. Plus, they are a perfect solution because they can be edge-less, hence making it easy for wheelchairs to come in and out.

Avoid Throw Rugs & Place Non-Slip Mats

When updating their bathroom design, people usually add mats as they give a warm and cosy feel but they can be very dangerous in the bathroom. The risk of slipping due to a mat or rug is quite high, especially when the floor is wet. For senior safety, it is best to remove slippery mats or the ones which haven’t been fastened to the floor. Instead, you can place thinner, less bulky, non-slip mats.

Consider Flooring Alternatives

Avoid having a glossy tile in seniors’ bathroom as it can get very slippery when wet. Opt for a matte finish instead. If you are getting your bathroom remodeling done, then you can go for textured non-slip tiles to avoid accidents. However, you can avoid title altogether by choosing bathroom floor alternatives like non-slip vinyl, bamboo, or linoleum.

Put Essential Items within Easy Reach

This is the quickest and easiest way to increase bathroom safety for elderly people. Ensure all the products and items needed in the bathroom are easily reachable. Remove soaps, conditioners, shampoos and other bathroom necessities from hard to reach areas to a place easily accessible.

Make Sure Lighting is Adequate

People normally opt for softer lighting when upgrading bathroom design, but it can be a problem for seniors. The perfect lighting setup for elderly people should not be too bright that blinds them, nor too soft that results in dizziness. Add brighter bulbs that create a comfortable and visible atmosphere.

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