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Bathroom Renovation Rules of Thumb

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Bathroom Renovation Rules of Thumb

Designing bathrooms in tight spaces or with challenging obstacles can push anyone to their limits. Renovation design can often be a practice of understanding the rules of thumb and then modifying them to create a majestic piece. The good thing about that is that there are typical dimensions in bathroom renovation and remodeling can be used as a base for creating the bathroom of your dreams.

Here are these common rules of thumbs in bathroom design

  • A standard tub measures 2′-6″ by 5′-0″. However, you may get ones that are broader – 3′ is typical, and a shorter 4′-6″ is sufficient. You’ll need a minimum footprint for a soaking tub of 3′ x 6′. (although some vessel tubs can be more compact).
  • A 3′ x 6′ shower is suitable for two people. A lovely 3-foot-6-inch square bathroom shower fits one person. A typical shower just needs to be 2′-6″ in each dimension, if the other length is at least 3′, allowing you to easily raise your arms to wash your hair.
  • A toilet may fit in a space as little as 2′-6″ wide in a single-family home. If you are concerned about accessibility, increase this to 3′ wide.
  • You may save roughly a foot of floor space by installing a wall-hung toilet.
  • A master bathroom double vanity can be as narrow as 5′ in width. Even so, you may get ones that are a little bit tighter at stores like IKEA. One sink with two wall-mounted faucets might occasionally be enough, but ideally, the sink should be at least 6′ wide.
  • Bathrooms that are made to accommodate aging in place, persons who require grab bars, or people with disabilities call for more fantastic space practically everywhere.

Since no two-bathroom are the same, there are always spaces that present unique challenges that do not conform to the general guidelines mentioned. But a smart designer can overcome any arrangement issues and sometimes provide a platform for a masterpiece.

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