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Bathroom Renovation for Every Houseowner in 2022

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Bathroom Renovation for Every Houseowner in 2022

When doing a full bathroom remodeling or renovation, a lot of decisions must be made. As you search around the web to find the best floor tile, or the best-looking tub or decide whether to go for a black or white sink, you begin to fantasize about how it will turn out and how you will get there.

Luckily for us, it’s easier nowadays to spot the trends in bathroom makeovers and pattern our design from them. Just top your research up with your own personal taste and you have the bathroom you’ve always wanted.

What do bathroom renovation designs have in 2022 and perhaps beyond? Here are some.

A Freestanding Bathtub

Built-in bathtubs used to be the common way to go. That also means it’s been so commonly done that it looks so old. As you go through some gallery of bathroom renovation inspiration, you’ll find different kinds of bathtub setups. You will be hard pressed to find something better than a free-standing bathtub situated perfectly in a bathroom as a centerpiece to a well-planned bathroom.  

Counter and sink need to be in sync

The counter and sync section is another part of the bathroom that shouldn’t be overlooked. It’s probably the place where you have some of your bathroom essentials, brush your teeth and try to look your best before starting your day. The counter material must withstand water and other residues.

In terms of look, a sink can either be basin type or the undermount type. Basin types appear to be put on top of counters. You can see the external shape of the basin and so matching the shape to the rest of the bathroom’s aesthetic is a must. For example, the shape of the tub and the shape of the basin should be similar.

The undermount type, as the name implies, installed from beneath the countertop can be more forgiving in terms of design as you can’t really see it.

Modernize the toilet

While the tried and tested basic toilets get the job done, today’s manufacturing has afforded us the toilets that provide extra comfort. We’re talking about heated seats, automatic flushing, self-cleaning, and other smart features incorporated into the toilet design.

Steam showers

As we find ways to improve our self-care routines, steam showers are starting to introduce themselves as a replacement for regular showers. Steam showers can re-create the spa experience at home. This new type of shower can even have aromatherapy, Wi-Fi, lighting, and other innovative features.

Don’t forget about storage

Yes, we put too many things in our bathroom than we’ll ever plan to or admit. That is why storage is essential to a clean but sophisticated-looking bathroom. Trends these days lean on minimalism and the one thing that needs is a place to hide all the stuff that shouldn’t be out in the first place.

Did you find what you’re looking for? Make sure to also read our Tips and Ideas for Bathroom Remodeling article for more tips on colors, materials, ventilation, and similar. The Shower Co operates in Kansan City and Navarre, Florida – our bathroom remodeling experts are ready to assist you. Contact us and book a free consultation.

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