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10 Eye-Catching Bathroom Accent Walls

Bathroom Accent Walls

10 Eye-Catching Bathroom Accent Walls

Bathrooms may often go overlooked when it comes to decor, but with just the right touches they can become inviting and stylish spaces. One easy and cost-effective way of adding striking features to your bathroom is creating an eye-catching accent wall using tiles classic or contemporary styles are available and are sure to fit within any budget. We will explore 10 inspiring bathroom accent walls here which are sure to inspire your next remodeling project!

Herringbone Tile

As part of your bathroom design project, selecting tiles will likely be one of the most crucial decisions. Tiles make an excellent choice because they’re durable, easy to maintain, and come in an array of styles and patterns such as herringbone tile.

Herringbone tile has long been used in interior design to add visual interest and make a statement in bathrooms. Its signature pattern is created by laying rectangular tiles at an acute 45-degree angle to form a zigzag or chevron pattern that adds visual dimension and makes a striking statement in any bathroom space.

Herringbone tile can be done in many colors and sizes, making it an adaptable option for any bathroom. From classic white or black-and-white tiles for timeless beauty to bold bright tiles for an eye-catching accent wall larger tiles offer modern aesthetics while smaller ones create classic beauty.

One of the best ways to use herringbone tile in your bathroom is to create a statement wall. This can be done either behind the sink or around the shower to add visual interest and make a bold statement. By selecting tiles with different colors or sizes, you can draw attention to this feature and draw people’s eyes toward it.

Herringbone tiles add visual appeal and practicality to bathrooms. Their herringbone pattern helps conceal dirt and grime, making them an excellent choice for high-traffic areas such as bathrooms. Furthermore, these low-maintenance tiles can easily be cleaned.

Installation of herringbone tile patterns can be more of a challenge than with other designs, requiring careful planning and precision to lay them at the appropriate angles and create a uniform pattern. But the result makes the effort worthwhile!

Herringbone tile is a timeless classic and versatile bathroom choice, ideal for creating statement walls in any bathroom design. With its distinctive pattern and wide selection of colors and sizes available, herringbone tiles will bring visual interest to any bathroom design as they bring visual interest and practicality together in harmony.

Bold Geometric Tile

As part of a bathroom remodeling idea, one trend that has recently gained ground is using vibrant geometric tiles in a bathroom renovation. These vibrant tiles come in various shapes and colors for creating dramatic effects on large accent walls.

Geometric tiles are the epitome of bold shapes and patterns in bathroom design, offering endless ways for creating eye-catching accent walls that stand out. From hexagons and triangles to diamonds and squares, geometric tiles give designers endless design opportunities when it comes to bathroom decor.

When selecting geometric tiles for your bathroom, the colors must complement the rest of the space. Bold and bright hues can create an upbeat and energetic ambiance while neutral tones such as black, white, and gray can provide more sophisticated looks. Mixing different hues and shapes can create an eclectic and dynamic design.

One of the best ways to use geometric tiles in your bathroom is to build an accent wall using them, whether that is behind the sink or bathtub, framing your shower area, or anywhere else in the bathroom. By using a large amount of tiles you can achieve an eye-catching result that will immediately grab attention.

Geometric tiles make an eye-catching yet subdued addition to a bathroom backsplash or border, adding subtle interest without overwhelming the space.

Geometric tiles are simple to care for. Crafted from tough materials like ceramic and porcelain, they withstand everyday use without becoming damaged easily; plus if one tile becomes cracked or damaged it can easily be replaced without needing to change an entire wall!

To conclude, geometric tiles are an ideal way to make an eye-catching statement in any bathroom remodel project. With their distinctive shapes and colors, geometric tiles create an eye-catching accent wall that instantly elevates the design of any space be it bright and bold colors or more subdued neutral tones adding interest and personality.

Bathroom Accent Walls

Subway Tile

Subway tiles have long been a favorite choice in bathroom remodels, known for their minimalist appeal and timeless style. Subway tiles’ classic lines create a modern yet minimalist appearance in any bathroom space.

One of the great advantages of subway tiles is their versatility. Available in a range of colors and sizes, they make a fantastic addition to any bathroom design scheme be it traditional white subway tiles or bold, colorful ones; there’s sure to be one suitable to your aesthetic!

Subway tiles can be arranged in various patterns to add visual interest and depth to a bathroom design. One popular pattern is the herringbone pattern, which creates a zigzag effect by placing tiles at a 45-degree angle this arrangement adds texture and depth.

The basketweave pattern is another highly coveted pattern, creating a woven effect by alternating rows of tiles in two directions. It is ideal for creating stunning, intricate designs that add a sense of luxury and sophistication to your bathroom space.

Subway tiles can also be laid diagonally to add movement and flow to your bathroom design. This pattern works particularly well in small bathrooms as it creates the illusion of more openness within the space.

Subway tiles offer many advantages over their competitors, including durability. Crafted from top-grade ceramic or porcelain materials, subway tiles resist wear and tear well while being easy to maintain for reduced bathroom maintenance costs.

Subway tiles are timeless classics in interior design, used extensively since their introduction. From white subway tiles to bold and colorful ones, subway tiles create a clean and modern aesthetic in your bathroom.

Subway tiles are an elegant and timeless choice for bathroom tiling. Their flexibility enables you to arrange them into various patterns for added visual interest, with colors and sizes to suit any design style imaginable ranging from classic white hues to vibrant hues for creating a modern and minimalist atmosphere in any bathroom.

Mosaic Tile

Mosaic tiles can add an artistic touch to any bathroom space, and mosaic tiles are an ideal choice. Comprised of small, colorful tiles arranged into intricate patterns on walls, mosaics are an easy way to bring texture, depth, and dimension to any room in the house.

Mosaic tiles come in an assortment of materials, from glass and stone mosaic tiles to ceramic, metal, and more. Each material offers different properties that can help create different looks and feels; glass mosaic tiles add glamour while natural stone creates rustic beauty.

One of the great things about mosaic tiles is their customizable nature you can arrange them into almost limitless patterns and designs, making them highly adaptable to suit any space or taste. From creating simple borders or complex murals including popular mosaic patterns like chevron, herringbone, and basketweave to mixing colors and materials to achieve a truly personal look that reflects your style!

Mosaic tiles offer many advantages for use in bathrooms, including their high durability and long lifespan. Resistant to water damage, stains, and scratches, mosaic tiles make a smart choice in bathroom environments. Furthermore, mosaics are easy to keep looking their best by simply wiping down with a damp cloth from time to time another added perk!

When looking to add character and flair to your bathroom, mosaic tiles offer a versatile yet stylish solution. Durable and customizable, you can create the space of your dreams truly reflecting who you are as an individual and reflecting what makes a space memorable for all the right reasons. There is a vast array of materials, colors, and patterns available so there are sure to be tiles to fit every taste and need!

Moroccan Tile

Moroccan tiles are an elegant option for bathroom designers seeking to bring exotic elegance into their design scheme. Their intricate patterns and vibrant colors can create a striking focal point, and whether you’re just adding accents or renovating all your bathroom space   Moroccan tiles offer a stylish solution!

Moroccan tiles are typically constructed out of ceramic or cement and come in an assortment of colors and designs, from blues, greens, and reds to white and black for striking contrasts, with patterns that range from geometric to floral paisley designs.

One of the best ways to utilize Moroccan tile in your bathroom is to create a feature wall. This can be done behind or around your sink to add color and visual interest, with bold and striking patterns creating an eye-catching display.

Moroccan tiles can add a unique and personalized touch to your bathroom or sink by serving as borders or trim around its borders or edges, creating a seamless transition between different tile types. Combine Moroccan tiles with other varieties for an exclusive and personal look that reflects your individuality and taste.

Moroccan tiles not only add beauty but are also durable and easy to care for, enduring high humidity levels in bathrooms while resisting moisture damage making them the ideal choice for stylish yet functional bathroom design.

Moroccan tiles provide a stunning way to bring exotic elegance into any bathroom design, with intricate patterns and vibrant colors creating an eye-catching focal point and being used for many purposes be it feature walls or borders. Moroccan tiles add the personality and style that your bathroom deserves!

Marble Tile

Marble tiles can create a luxurious and sophisticated atmosphere in your bathroom, thanks to their timeless beauty and elegance. Marble has long been used as an architectural and interior design element for centuries it truly represents luxuriousness!

Marble tiles come in an extensive array of colors and patterns, from classic white and gray to vibrant hues like rich orange. Their natural veining creates intricate designs that add dimension and interest to any bathroom wall whether you prefer bold and dramatic or understated styles, there’s bound to be one perfect for you!

One of the primary advantages of marble tiles is their longevity. Marble is an extremely resilient natural stone material that resists scratches, stains, and water damage as well as being easy to maintain in high moisture environments such as bathrooms.

Marble tiles can be used to create various patterns and styles on your bathroom walls. For an eye-catching classic look, use large rectangular tiles laid in a brick pattern; this will showcase both its natural beauty and your modern sensibilities. Or use smaller tiles for intricate mosaic patterns on an accent wall.

Marble tiles add an impressive splash of sophistication to any bathroom space, creating an oasis-like oasis where you can unwind. Furthermore, marble can also create a statement wall behind your bathtub that adds elegance and sophistication adding spa-like luxury and relaxation. Similarly, using it behind your sink would also bring a luxurious element into your daily routine.

Marble tiles are an exquisite and timelessly beautiful choice for bathroom accent walls. Their versatility means you can use them to create many different styles and designs, whether classic or more unique; adding elegance and sophistication. Proper care of a marble tile accent wall ensures it remains stunning for years.

Bathroom Accent Walls

Wood Look Tile

Wood-look tiles can add warmth and character to any bathroom by recreating the look and feel of natural wood without the maintenance hassles or durability issues that are typically associated with real wood in humid environments like bathrooms.

Wood-look tiles come in an assortment of colors and textures from light and airy to dramatic and rich. Choose between a range of wood species such as oak, cherry, or maple for your wood-look tile project; cut them to various sizes to create different patterns and designs.

One popular use for wood look tiles in a bathroom is to create a feature wall behind the tub or shower, creating an oasis-like experience and adding warmth and texture. You can even use wood look tiles to achieve either rustic or modern styles depending on their color or pattern selections.

Wood-look tiles in your bathroom offer another advantage: easy maintenance and upkeep. Unlike real wood, these tiles won’t warp or rot over time and resist moisture and mold growth; making them an excellent and long-term investment for high-traffic areas like bathrooms.

Wood-look tiles can be installed using the same techniques used to install ceramic and porcelain tiles, including gluing or snapping into place before grouting for an even finish. To highlight their textures and patterns, wood-look tiles may require accent lighting for optimal effect on feature walls.

Wood-look tiles make an excellent bathroom accent wall option if you’re seeking the look of natural wood without its associated maintenance hassles. Available in various colors and textures, wood look tiles offer rustic or modern looks when used to decorate an area that gets frequent foot traffic. Plus, their durability, ease of cleaning, moisture resistance, and mold resistance makes them an excellent choice.

Textured Tile

Bathroom design can be complicated, and small details can make an enormous difference. One popular trend recently has been textured tiles. Textured tiles add dimension, depth, and visual interest to walls in your bathroom for a modern and unique look that sets it apart from its competitors.

Textured tiles come in an assortment of patterns and materials, such as ceramic, stone, and glass. Popular choices include 3D tiles that add an eye-catching sculptural element to walls as well as hexagonal ones which create an eye-catching honeycomb pattern on their walls.

One of the great things about textured tiles is their adaptability; they work with many design styles. For a rustic or natural aesthetic, consider using earth-toned stone tiles textured in warm hues; for something more industrial try metal or concrete textures on tiles.

Textured tiles not only add aesthetic beauty to a bathroom space but can also offer practical advantages. Being nonsmooth and flat like traditional tiles means they are less likely to show dirt and grime buildup making textured tiles an easy low maintenance option for walls in bathrooms. Furthermore, their unique textured surface helps absorb sound waves that echo around a space, creating a peaceful and relaxing environment in which to take a bath or shower.

Textured tiles can be utilized in several ways when it comes to placement. From creating a statement wall behind your bathtub or vanity to using them as an accent border around your shower stall there’s even the potential of mixing different textures and patterns for an individualistic aesthetic!

Metallic Tile

Metallic tiles offer a luxurious touch to any bathroom design, giving it added opulence and sparkle. Available in gold, silver, bronze, and copper finishes they create a reflective surface for reflection in any space they adorn.

Metallic tiles in your bathroom can make a dramatic statement wall, whether by using one large metallic tile in a distinct pattern such as herringbone or chevron designs, or creating a mosaic of smaller metallic tiles arranged to form specific shapes or designs.

Metallic tiles can add subtle glamour and visual impact without overshadowing other design features in your space. Furthermore, using metallic accent tiles as part of a larger patterned tile design creates stunning visual effects that truly make an impressive statement about its owner’s aesthetics.

Before adding metallic tiles to your bathroom design, it’s essential to consider its overall color palette and style. Metallic tiles can fit seamlessly with both modern and classic decor aesthetics but should only be used sparingly to avoid overwhelming the room.

One unique way metallic tiles can add depth and character to a design is when combined with natural materials such as stone or wood look tiles, creating an exquisite contrast in textures that adds dimension.

metallic tiles may be more expensive than other options when designing your bathroom space, so be mindful of your budget when planning for their use. However, their unique and luxurious qualities could well justify the investment.

Metallic tile maintenance involves using nonabrasive cleaners to avoid damage to their finish and keep their beautiful shine for many years to come. Regular upkeep will also help preserve and extend its beauty and keep metallic tiles at their best!

Metallic tiles offer an eye-catching element to your bathroom design that stands out from the pack. Their reflective qualities and variety of finishes create stunning visual effects in any bathroom space and add an unforgettable aesthetic.

Patterned Tile

Patterned tiles can make a statement and add some fun and flair to any bathroom, providing an easy way to introduce color, texture, and personality into a room. From classic floral patterns to more modern abstract ones there’s sure to be something suitable.

One creative use for patterned tiles in your bathroom is creating a feature wall behind the sink or bathtub this creates an eye-catching focal point and adds drama. Or use them to border around the tub or shower adding visual interest while providing a seamless transition between different parts of the space.

When selecting the appropriate patterned tile for your bathroom, it’s essential to take into account its overall style. For modern bathrooms, geometric or abstract patterns could work best; more traditional bathrooms may prefer floral or damask patterns instead. You should also take into account your bathroom’s color scheme to select tiles that enhance or contrast with it.

Patterned tiles come in various materials, from porcelain and ceramic to glass and metal. Each material offers its own set of advantages when selecting the ideal material for your bathroom consider factors like durability, maintenance costs, and slip resistance when making this decision.

Overall, patterned tiles offer an exciting and versatile option to add personality and style to your bathroom design. With such a range of patterns, colors, and materials to choose from, there is sure to be one which speaks to your unique taste and elevates its design aesthetic.


Bathroom tiles have become an increasingly popular option among homeowners looking to improve the aesthetics of their bathrooms without breaking the bank. There is a range of classic subway tiles and striking geometric designs available each will meet both personal taste and budget considerations.

One unique way of using tiles in the bathroom is combining various patterns, textures, and colors to create an eye-catching accent wall. You could combine different patterned tiles in various shapes and sizes behind the sink or shower or metallic or textured tiles on an otherwise plain wall to add visual interest and create something one-of-a-kind.

How can you make your bathroom tiles stand out? One way is to experiment with their layout and design. Try herringbone or chevron patterns with subway tiles for a classic yet modern aesthetic, or experiment with diagonal or diamond designs using larger tiles for dramatic effects. Don’t be afraid to get creative when selecting your tile layout!

Tiles make an effective yet budget-conscious bathroom remodel option since you can find affordable options that resemble more costly materials such as marble and wood. Furthermore, their easy maintenance makes them a practical choice.

As previously discussed, bathroom tiles offer an easy and cost-effective way to add style and functionality to your bathroom space. With so many styles to choose from, creating a custom accent wall tailored specifically to your personal preferences shouldn’t be hard to get shopping! And get your bathroom transformed into an oasis!

Looking to renovate or remodel your bathroom? The Shower Company can help! Our expert team can guide you through the tile selection process and help you create a unique accent wall that will make your bathroom stand out. Don’t wait, contact us today and let’s get started on transforming your bathroom into an oasis!

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