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Kansas City Bathroom Remodel

Elevate Your Home with our Bathroom Remodeling Solution

The Shower Company eliminates the pain that comes with remodeling your bathroom.

With our expertise in bathroom remodeling and renovation, we are committed to delivering exceptional results that exceed your expectations. Whether you’re looking to update a small powder room or completely overhaul your master bathroom, we have the skills and creativity to bring your vision to life.
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Welcome to The Shower Company

Your First Choice For Bathroom Remodeling Experts in Kansas City!

Your Bathroom Is Our Priority

The installer assigned to your bathroom renovation will exclusively dedicate their time and effort to the project until it is finished. This focused approach enables them to work efficiently and complete the job promptly, all while ensuring high-quality craftsmanship.

No Subcontractors

All individuals entering your residence are affiliated with The Shower Company as employees. This arrangement not only enables us to uphold our exceptional standards but also prioritizes your safety.

A Variety of Design Materials

We provide a range of options such as acrylic, onyx, and tile materials. This grants you the freedom to choose the material that best complements your design preferences.

Lifetime Warranty

Our products are designed to be durable and withstand the test of time. However, there are certain limitations that should be taken into consideration.

The Transformation Starts Here!

Looking for Bathroom Remodelers in Kansas City?

Whether you’re looking for a full bathroom remodel, or a partial renovation we can help. Which category below best describes your project? Is it a full bathroom remodel? Need to only replace a tub or shower? Or maybe it’s a tub-to-shower conversion you’re looking for? Yes! We do those too!

photo of white themed bathroom

photo of bathtub and bathroom sinkphoto of newly renovated bathtub, toilet and floor

photo of an orange themed bathroomphoto of a small bathroom

photo of an old blue themed bathroomphoto of a small gray bathroom

photo of bathroom shower before renovationphoto of bathroom shower after renovation

photo of bathtub before renovationphoto of bathtub after renovation

Ready To Experience the Change?

These Before and After pictures speak for themselves. As you can see, we love what we do and hope you find inspiration in these designs for your renovation.

Ready To Experience the Change?

These Before and After pictures speak for themselves. As you can see, we love what we do and hope you find inspiration in these designs for your renovation.

Bathroom Remodeling Contractor Kansas City & St. Louis, MO

We Love Kansas City, MO

The Shower Company has always been known for providing outstanding services and high-quality products when it comes to Full Bathroom Renovation, Bathtubs, and Shower in the areas of Kansas City, MO.

But did you know that the largest city of Missouri is also famous for its Art Museums, in which impressive collections from North American, European, and African civilizations are housed? The city is also known for its stunning outdoor areas, essentially dense forests, and exciting trails for extreme adventures!

Frequently Asked Questions

A full bathroom remodel normally includes replacing the shower/bathtub, flooring, paint, sinks, and toilet. Partial bathroom remodels include replacing the shower/bathtub OR doing any portion of the bathroom outside the bathing area but not both.

Best practices are removing all personal items from the bathroom, be sure the walkway from the home entry door to the bathroom is cleared and unobstructed, and remove wall hangings from all walls surrounding the bathroom to prevent them from falling. Please provide our installation vehicles driveway parking and if there will be inclement weather we would appreciate access to a dry garage space to prepare materials.

1. We’ll take care of any light we need to do our work, as long as your home has electricity on we’ll be able to work.


2. The average bathroom we do has 1-2 light fixtures depending on the size, we’ll walk you through determining proper lighting for your space during the free in-home consultation.

Nope, we can help you with design. We suggest having everyone present during the consultation who would make design decisions. During the consultation is when the design happens, without the design we won’t be able to provide a quote. Our quotes are neither inflated nor generic.

It starts here, you call us and schedule a consultation, we order materials and normally start work 4-6 weeks from then, we can install a shower in as little as one day and full bathroom remodels can take 1-2 weeks depending on the size of the bathroom and materials chosen. 

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