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Bathroom Decorating and Design Ideas

Bathroom Decorating and Design Ideas

There is no denying that bathroom remodeling can get expensive, but good style doesn’t always have to come with a high price tag. There are various amazing and budget-friendly bathroom design and decorating ideas that can actually make a huge difference.

Whether you are going for a full bathroom renovation or just a simple update, the following bathroom design ideas will help you transform the space into a personal retreat.

Fresh Bathroom Paint

Improve your bathroom design by painting your wall with a beautiful color. It is quick, easy, and can immediately transform the bathroom. Light colors are a good option for small bathrooms as they make the space look bigger. For medium to large bathrooms, you can opt for vibrant colors with a bit of drama.

Lighting Fixtures

Replace all the outdated fixtures with the latest lighting fixtures. Don’t hesitate to try trends when changing the bathroom design. Go for modern powder room lighting which includes hanging pendants, light bars, and chandeliers. It is best to choose LED fixtures as they are energy-efficient and don’t add extra heat to the bathroom.

Hardware and Faucet Upgrades

When doing bathroom remodeling, here is a quick and easy bathroom design idea: add new bathroom hardware. Install stylish and attractive drawer puller, toilet paper holder, towel bars and more. Upgrading the hardware can give your bathroom a fresh look.

Vintage Rugs

Lay down a vintage rug in your bathroom to give that old times vibe. You can go for a gorgeous wine-colored rug as it balances well with double sinks and large mirrors. Also, a vibrant color can help generate a visual appeal.

Floral Wallpaper

When going for a bathroom renovation, a little change like adding bold floral wallpaper can instantly transform the bathroom design. Moreover, you can layer attractive floral wallpaper around a round mirror and round sconces. Make sure you choose an impressive and colorful pattern.

High-End Ottoman

Make your bathroom design feel luxurious by including chic seating like an ottoman. If the rest of the space is sleek, then opt for a round small ottoman. To add more texture, go for crushed velvet or a piece that is button-tufted.

Glamorous Vanity Lights

Lighting has a huge impact on the overall beauty of a space. To create a glamorous station for getting ready, try adding vanity globe lights. You can also use glittering gold fixtures and a jewel-colored medicine cabinet to give yourself a star-like feel.

Cool Pulls

Make a style statement by installing unique and eye-catching knobs and loops. Try something entirely unexpected to create that spark in your bathroom. Cool pulls can take your bathroom design to another level.

Open Shelves

Open shelves are a great way to simplify bathroom storage. The very famous floating wood planks take less space as compared to regular cabinets and help you maintain a clutter-free environment.

Use Fake Plants

If you are afraid your plant will die and your money will be wasted, then go for fake plants. There are a variety of fake plants and leaves available which look quite real. They can either be displayed together or individually in a sleek vase.

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